Kosovo|2017|25’|F|Director: Zgjim Terziqi

Ana is a 40-year-old unmarried blind women who lives the agreement of her four sisters. Their pact concludes that every one of the four sisters will take care of Ana at their respective homes for a month each.


North Macedonia|2018|21’|F|Albanian Premiere| Director: Agim Abdula

An old lady is being closely watched by a young man, who actually acts like a caring one. Later on, he meets an ordinary thief and asks him to break in the old lady’s apartment. He manages to convince the thief to do the theft even though the latter expressed his unwillingness.


Switzerland|2018|15’|FIC|Regional Premiere| Director: Xheni Alushi

Eva is an introverted young girl who discovers a gateway to a parallel world, in which she finds comfort and ease for her guilt.


Germany|2018|13’|FIC| Director: Arian Dalladaku

The film deals with Rron, a young Albanian guy from Kosovo faces his expectations of going illegally to Germany.


Germany|2018|11’|FIC|Albanian Premiere| Director: Elda Sorra

Axi, the mother’s Pekingese dog has died. Marina the younger daughter, who still lives with her mother, is instructed to go and get Greta, her older sister. Greta, who tries to distance herself from her family, reluctantly follows their request and learns at lunch that the mother, while burying the dog in the garden, has made a finding, which apparently belonged to the long-dead father.


Albania|2019|15’|FIC| World Premiere| Director: Irdit Kaso

Adi, a 35 year old man is returning home from work. On his way home he notices an accident and stops to help.  His phone’s battery is dead so he can’t call for help. He is forced to take the couple involved in the accident to the hospital in his car. Adi recognizes the accidented man as the politician mr. Mere. On their way to the hospital mr. Mere realizes the young woman has died so he flees, leaving Adi with the dead young woman in his car.


Kosovo|2017|20’|FIC| Director: Astrit Alihajdaraj

The Remigrant tells a story about Bashkim (50) and his son Besnik (17). They have a lot in common. They both had to leave their homes at their young age. The father had to flee to Austria because of the war in Kosovo and his son has to go back to Kosovo at the request of the father. The return to Kosovo after seventeen years in Vienna is a hard growing up test for both of them. The strong desire for the place of childhood connects and separates father and son alike.