USA|2019|8’|Albanian Premiere|Director: Bracey Smith

Armonia – an orchestra given wings.   Armonia takes the ride of the emotionally dynamic piano concerto “Armonia Degli Uccelli(Harmony of the Birds)”, and marries it to a universally accessible animation, to produce a uniquely layered spectacle of spatial storytelling.


France|2018|8’|Albanian Premiere| Director: Benjamin Nuel

Isle of the dead, is a timeless yourney guided by Charon, ferryman of the Underworld, starting from an everyday apartment towards our final destination.

PARIS TERROR – The Hostages from the Hyper Cacher

Germany|2018|10’|Albanian Premiere| Director: Ricarda Saleh

The VR documentary Paris Terror – The Hostages from the Hyper Cacher tells the story of three survivors of the anti-Semitic attack of 9th January 2015 two days after the Charly Hebdo attack.


Poland|2018|16’|Albanian Premiere| Director: Tomasz Dobosz

“Warsaw Rising” CINEMATIC VR EXPIERIENCE is the first feature film in Poland executed in the virtual reality technology. It tells a story based on the fate of one of Warsaw insurgents, Capt. Władysław Sieroszewski alias “Sabała”, who received a note with a message from his daughter when he was leaving to fight in the Uprising in August 1944. At the time, he did not know yet that the note would influence his further fate.


Brasil|2018|5’|Albanian Premiere| Directors: Filipe Gontijo, Henrique Siqueira

In 1868, teleported to a medical tent camp in the War of Paraguay, you will meet volunteer nurse Anna Nery at a crucial moment in her life, forced to make choices that shows her unmistakable brave spirit.